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This INTP-List was created for the purpose of sharing insights, humor, information, and experiences between those who classify as 

INTP (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Perceivers)

on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and those who enjoy them or want to learn about them. This list is a Free-Speech Zone among adults. We invite the opinions and commentaries from everyone and anyone. Feel free to post whatever you want but bear in mind, members have no obligation to read your emails. Let this be incentive to keep them thoughtful, interesting, entertaining, and in good form [see below].

In return, we ask that you: 

  • Do not spam (send UCE to) the list. However, you may forward anything interesting or amusing (including the occasional spam) that you want us to see - within reason.

  • Do not endanger the list or put its operators at risk of legal or financial consequences. In other words, don't use the list for illegal purposes, such as distributing child porn or selling drugs, etc.

  • Do not use personal info gathered from the list for nefarious purposes, such as selling our e-mail addresses to spammers, or stalking list members.

  • Keep it civil. This list is for presumedly intelligent adults. The mods should not have to play list nanny.

This is a fairly high-volume list and growing. 

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Good Form:

Many adults have come to expect a certain level of decorum to be observed in public forums:

This does not mean we don't welcome creative play, humor, or the occasional break from decorum. It is generally expected that you know the rules of decorum before you choose to break them. To get a feel for the list, lurk first before you leap. Self-introductions are not necessary but are welcome.

When it comes to intellectual debate on a specific topic, low-brow tactics to score points by debasing the opponent or lowering the standard of debate are generally not considered to be an example of good form:æss#Recommendations_for_public_debate

While it's ideal if everyone respects other people's right to disagree or hold a different opinion than ones own, tempers will occasionally flare, hence the nickname "Where the Wild Things Are". Further, those who are unused to the level of freedom of speech such as exists on this list, or who don't appreciate or respect it, may be tempted to abuse it for sport. You can help to maintain a high level of intelligent discussion on this list by not responding in anger or to low-brow tactics in-kind. Instead, we recommend that you simply ignore any offensive posters onlist rather than subject the list to the tedium of ongoing petty squabbles about personalities and personal biases that are best addressed offlist.

Warnings added March 2010

To new members: After lengthy consideration, we feel an obligation to forewarn list newcomers that the list has a handful of entrenched trolls who have taken up more or less permanent residence on this list, though recently, a few have finally moved on. Feel free to quietly identify and add them to your "killfile" (see E-mail Filtering above) if it improves your reading experience.

To abusers: banning is a policy recently adopted because the old, extremely liberal policies were abused with bullying, cursing, and creepy fixations on particular subjects and individuals. This is your only warning. Problem children may be removed at the moderator's discretion.